Years 4, 6, 7, 8, 10
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What level of Government...?

  • Civics and Citizenship
  • Critical & Creative Thinking
  • Ethical Understanding
  • Humanites and Social Sciences
  • Personal and Social Capability

What level of Government…?

What level of government is responsible for these important functions in Australian life? Test your knowledge with this Kahoot Quiz.

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What level of Government…?


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What level of Government...?



Year 4


AC9HS4K08 – the roles of local government and how members of the community use and contribute to local services

Year 6


AC9HS6K07 – the roles and responsibilities of the 3 levels of government in Australia

Year 7

Civics and Citizenship

AC9HC7K01 – the key features of Australia’s system of government, including democracy, the Australian Constitution, responsible government and federalism

Year 8

Civics and Citizenship

AC9HC8K02 – the role of political parties and independent representatives in Australian democracy, including elections and the formation of governments

Year 10

Civics and Citizenship

AC9HC10K02 – the Australian Government’s role and responsibilities at a regional and global level

Where to Next?

To learn more about the roles, responsibilities and functions of Australian government you could

Visit the Centre of Democracy


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