Years 10-12
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Social Movements in South Australia: a Guide for Teachers

  • Ethical Understanding
  • History
  • Literacy
  • Society and Culture
  • Unit 2: Movements for Change in the 20th century
  • Unit 3: Modern Nations in the 20th century
  • Unit 4: The Modern World since 1945
  • Women's Studies

Social Movements in South Australia: a Guide for Teachers

The rights we have come to expect today – the right to a democratic vote, a fair minimum wage, a 5-day work week, equality between genders, freedom from discrimination, amongst others – were not always in place. In fact, many of these basic human rights have only been enacted and enshrined in law in the last 150 years.

South Australia has long been a progressive example for the other Australian states and territories. It was the first to legalise the formation of Trade Unions in 1876; the first to sanction the right to vote for women, including Aboriginal women in 1894; the first to decriminalise homosexual acts in 1975. In more recent history SA has led the country in environmental policies and innovation.


Year 10


AC9HH10K07 – the effects of significant post–World War II world events, ideas and developments on Australian society

AC9HH10K08 – the causes of changes in perspectives, responses, beliefs and values on migration that have influenced Australian society since 1945

AC9HH10K12 – the significant events, individuals and groups in the women’s movement in Australia, and how they have changed the role and status of women

AC9HH10K16 – causes and effects of the significant events and developments of the major global influences on Australia in the post-World War II period

AC9HH10K17 – changing social, political, economic, cultural, environmental and technological conditions, and the causes of a major global influence in Australia

AC9HH10K18 – continuities and changes in perspectives, responses, beliefs and values that have influenced the Australian way of life


Modern History

Society and Culture

Women’s Studies


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Social Movements in South Australia: a Guide for Teachers

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