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Sir Hubert Wilkins iBook

  • Critical & Creative Thinking
  • English
  • History
  • Personal and Social Capability
  • Sustainability

Sir Hubert Wilkins iBook

A digital artefact created by teacher Andy Payne, this media-rich Apple iBook format presentation explores the life of Sir Hubert Wilkins, highlighting amazing facts and stories.

It’s perfect for use as a teaching aid or for anyone who wants to know more about Sir Hubert’s remarkable life.

It was designed with the intention for students to initially learn about Wilkins’ exploits, but then to delve deeper by investigating his character strengths. It turns out that it is relatively easy for them to identify examples of when and how Wilkins used the seven character strengths of highly successful people. Students then took the understanding of these strengths to identify them in their own heroes – and ultimately create a plan to develop their own.

The iBook is a text developed as a learning tool for use in the relatively new subject which has been called ‘Positive Education.’ By the way, these seven top strengths are very relevant to Wilkins: they are grit, social intelligence, optimism, curiosity, zest, gratitude, and self-control.

In order to view the file you will need an Apple device and the free iBooks application which can be installed via the App Store.



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