Museum in a Box


Museum in a Box

Museum in a Box is a series of curriculum-aligned education kits designed to be used in classrooms across South Australia. Each box takes an object-based learning approach to exploring history – particularly focusing on South Australian stories. By interacting with objects of the past, the Museum in a Box project makes history come alive for students. We have four kits available, each looking at a different aspect of South Australian history, with learning opportunities suitable for Early Years all the way to Year 10. Click on the link to learn more.

Introducing Museum in a Box


Communication: Now and Then

Humans communicate constantly through speech, action and body language, but also technology. Explore the history of communication in this play-based learning experience. Students will learn about how communication occurred long ago and how it developed into what we know today. They will then ponder what might come next.

Curricular focus

Suitable for Early Years to Year 2. Content in this box focuses on HASS and outcomes 4&5 of the Early Years framework.

Unpacking History

Stories of migration are central for many South Australians. Unpack the bags from five different immigrants, unravel the clues contained in their belongings and piece together their migration journeys. Unpacking History is adapted from a well-established and well-loved educational experience from the History Trust’s Migration Museum. Using object-based learning, explore the experience by looking at a new set of stories right in your own classroom.

Curricular focus

Suitable for years 6, 9 and 10 HASS and History students.

Conflicts and Colonisation

Modern Australia was shaped by many peoples, events and conflicts. Use this Museum in a Box to explore contrasted experiences and histories of colonisation in South Australia, New South Wales and First Nations communities. What was planned, who was involved, and what was the result of the colonisation of Australia?

Curricular focus

Suitable for years 4, 5 and 9 HASS and History students.

A Tale of Torrens Island

Dive into the world of 20th-century quarantine with this fascinating South Australian story. Students will be immersed in this historically derived escape room experience, learning about Torrens Island and its time as a quarantine station while solving challenging puzzles. Will they be able to crack the codes and master the quarantine process? Time will tell.

Curricular focus

Suitable for years 5-10 students studying HASS, History and HPE.

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