Years 3, 4, 5

Encounters: Digital Excursion


Encounters: Digital Excursion

Every contact leaves a trace.

A facilitated workshop in which students explore early maritime encounters. Dive into the story of how various groups, including First Nations people, European navigators, and Macassan fishermen, engaged and interacted. Unpack the story of the European settlement of South Australia, the famous meeting between British navigator Matthew Flinders and French explorer Nicolas Baudin off our southern shores in 1802 and the ramification of early maritime encounters on the First Nations peoples of the South Australian region.

Education at the Maritime Museum

The South Australian Maritime Museum offers a wide variety of onsite and online education programs encompassing a variety of year levels and learning outcomes. Located in the historic Port Adelaide precinct, the South Australian Maritime Museum preserves, explores and celebrates the human history of our oceans and rivers.

Renowned for its innovative approach to maritime history and education, the Museum incorporates the historic Bond Store with three levels of exhibitions, the Port Adelaide Lighthouse from South Neptune Island, and the much-loved steam tug, Yelta.


Year 3


AC9HS3K01 – causes and effects of changes to the local community, and how people who may be from diverse backgrounds have contributed to these changes

Year 4


AC9HS4K01 – the diversity of First Nations Australians, their social organisation and their continuous connection to Country/Place

AC9HS4K02 – the causes of the establishment of the first British colony in Australia in 1788

AC9HS4K03 – the experiences of individuals and groups, including military and civilian officials, and convicts involved in the establishment of the first British colony

AC9HS4K04 – the effects of contact with other people on First Nations Australians and their Countries/Places following the arrival of the First Fleet and how this was viewed by First Nations Australians as an invasion

Year 5


AC9HS5K01 – the economic, political and social causes of the establishment of British colonies in Australia after 1800

AC9HS5K02 – the impact of the development of British colonies in Australia on the lives of First Nations Australians, the colonists and convicts, and on the natural environment

AC9HS5K03 – the role of a significant individual or group, including First Nations Australians and those who migrated to Australia, in the development of events in an Australian colony


Digital Excursions

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